The frequency of your cells determines your life.
Your vibration is directly responsible for your body.

Matter is coupled vibration
All plants and living beings, and so too our bodies, are, in nature, surrounded by various, wave-formed vibrations. From the Earth's magnetic field via electrical and magnetic frequencies.
Bioresonance is our bodies' way of communicating with our environment, via our cellular components. And the more harmonious the resonance, the more vitally the body reacts and evolves.

How does bioresonance harmonise interference frequencies?

Electromagnetic fields which have been produced by human technology (electricity) do not correspond with nature. From the resulting leakage fields, frequencies emerge which are disruptive for people, animals and food.

However, a life without electromagnetic fields is no longer possible. On the contrary, in the future there will exist in even greater numbers. The frequency of these fields (measured in hertz) has grown by a factor of around 500 million in the last 30 years alone.

From around 50 hertz in the 1980s to around 2.5 billion hertz (cycles per second) today. And the development continues to grow on a vast scale.

How can we help ourselves? What chance do we have, if we are not able to escape
the negative electromagnetic fields?

Alongside numerous other researchers and scientists, we at i-like also came to the following realisation:
Electromagnetic fields themselves are not the real problem, rather it is their vibrations, which are not in harmony with our body. Consequently these fields emit frequencies dissonant to our own vibration with respect to our environment, which counteracts bioresonance.
In other words, our natural vibration is disturbed by this unnatural vibration. And if you consider, that every cell in your body communicates with our environment through vibrations, i.e. is bioresonant, then one can imagine how they are affected by this unnatural frequency.

But what if these negative electromagnetic frequencies could be transformed, so that they were once more in harmony with our body?

We have summarised the solution in the following word:


This means that, by means of a Converter, we transform negative vibrations into positive, bringing them into harmony with a natural organism, vitalising vibrations and therefore supporting its own bioresonance.
The difficulty now lay in bringing this idea to life and in developing a Converter, which could be calibrated and adapted as a vibrations receiver for various different vibrations.

Around 25 years of development, research and application experience now flows into the successful i-like Meta-Converter and numerous i-like Vital products.


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